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Edited by Rosa Barovier Mentasti and Cristina Tonini.
Index of the book
Stefania PORTINARI, A Springtime of the Arts. Venice, 1900s;
Marco VERITÀ and Sandro ZECCHIN,, Industrial and Artistic Glass Production in Murano: Late 19th-Middle 20th Centuries;
Rosa BAROVIER MENTASTI and Cristina TONINI, Venetian Glass between Art Nouveau, Secession and Deco;
Dora THORNTON, A Protestant Historical Relic? A Glass Plate in Dr Williams' Library in London in Its Historical Context
Maria JOAO BURNAY, Japonism and Art Nouveau in the Glass Collection of the Portuguese Royal House
Violetta MIKITINA, Late XIX-Early XX Century Venetian Glass from the Collection of the State Ceramics Museum in Kuskovo;
Antònio PIRES DE MATOS, Andreia RUIVO, Robert WILEY, Iridiscence and Colours in Glass Art Nouveau: the Chemistry and Techniques.

STUDY DAYS ON VENETIAN GLASS. Approximately 1600’s
Edited by Rosa Barovier and Cristina Tonini.
Index of the book
Rosa Barovier Mentasti and Cristina Tonini,Tools to Study Glass: Inventories, Paintings and Graphic Works of the 16th Century
Paolo Zecchin, The Inventory of Matteo Priuli in the year 1700
Marco Verità, Secrets and Innovations of Venetian Glass between the 15th and the 17th Centuries: Raw Materials, Glass Melting and Artefacts
Juanita Navarro and Suzanne Higgott, Work in Progress: ‘Venetian and Façon de Venise All-Glass Composites or Hybrids: Manufacture, Detection and Distribution’
Chiara Berichillo, The Small Centre of Piegaro and its Ancient Links with Glass ProductionKinga Tarcsay, Studies on Glass in Venetian Style of the 16th and 17th Centuries in Austria
Kitty Laméris, Some New Insights about 16th and 17th Century Vetro a Retortoli
Andrew Meek, Qualitative Compositional Analysis of a Late 16th Century Enamelled Glass Goblet
Dora Thornton, Venice or Façon de Venise? Two Enamelled Glasses in the British MuseumKäthe Klappenbach, Venetian Chandeliers from the 16th Century Onward and their Influence on Chandelier Production in Europe and Brandenburg-Prussia
Bettina K. Schneider, The Restoration of a Glass Arm Chandelier from the Middle of the 19th Century Belonging to the Prussian Palaces and Gardens in Berlin-Brandenburg
Corinna Mattiello, Restoration Techniques
Lavinia de Ferri, Andrea Lorenzi, Pier Paolo Lottici, Angelo Montenero and Giovanna Vezzalini, Protection of Historical Glasses by Hybrid Sol Gel Coatings
António Pires de Matos, Robert Wiley, Magda Troeira, Carlos Queiroz, Andreia Ruivo, Nuno Paulino and César Laia, Venetian Glass in Contemporary Art