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Anna Wójcik

Anna Wójcik

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Anna Wójcik (1990) is a product and graphic designer. 
She honored graduated from Product Design Faculty of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. 

Awards / Exhibitions
September 2016: 3rd Place, Riedel Award 2016, Venice
October 2016: Glass in Venice Exhibition 2016, Venice
September 2016: "REDEFINING DESIGN", Tallin Design Week, Estonia
June 2016: Polish Trendbook 2016, Poland
April 2016: "DESIGN WITHOUT BORDERS" – Budapest Design Festival, Hungary
March 2016: Paged – International Fair in Poznan, Poland
January 2016: INTERNATIONAL DESIGN REVIEW Graduation Project
December 2015: Scholarship for best students selected and granted by Rector of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
October 2015: Design Exhibition in Izmir City Office, Izmir, Turkey
October 2015: DESTA desk & table – Exhibited and Awarded in make me! Lódz Design Festiwal in Lódz, Poland
September 2015: Design Exhibition during Warsaw’s design festival Wawa Design Festiwal
June 2015: "Open Academy", Warsaw
November 2014: Exhibition in Kunsthalle Goeppingen – Chair design for Art Gallery in Germany - Cooperation with Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart

Artist's personal website: anawojcik.com