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Giacomo Barbini

Giacomo Barbini

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Giacomo Barbini
He was born in Murano in 1951 into a family of master glassmakers and devoted himself to jewellery in the years of his early youth.
He was then employed by the Venini glassworks in 1967, beginning a relationship that was to last about thirty years. Here he came into contact and worked with the most important designers and artists such as Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Toni Zuccheri and others.
He joined the Anfora glassworks in 1999 and established other important partnerships, with Yoichi Ohira, Ritsue Mishima, Massimo Micheluzzi, Cristiano Bianchin, Michele Burato and Silvano Rubino.
After studying various processes he specialised in making glass items worked with the grinding or engraving technique, particularly that of battuto.
Now, having retired, he continues to offer consultancy to professionals, artists and also young apprentices.
Over the course of his long career he has always been able to masterfully interpret the design needs of artists and designers with skill and flexibility.