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Mauro Bonaventura

Mauro Bonaventura

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Mauro Bonaventura was born in Venice in 1965.
In 1983, after gaining a diploma in electronics and awaiting his first job, he began working almost by chance in a Venetian glassworks. From that moment on he started learning the techniques of blowing and decorating glass and became enthusiastic about this material. In 1992, thanks to his friendship with a lampworking craftsman, he began learning this technique, which was to become his preference.
Fascinated by the creative and artistic aspect of the glass trade, in 2003 he obtained a diploma at the Art Lyceum in Venice, where he learnt the techniques of drawing, painting and sculpture, but above all studied the human figure more closely.
Bonaventura’s works fully reflect his interests, his educational background and his life. They are often objects of intricate forms, usually spheres created from a not entirely chance tangle of flexible coloured glass threads, that on one hand recall electrical circuits, on the other the branchings of nerve cells.
These coloured cages often contain female or male bodies, alone or in pairs, flexible and harmonious in their attempt to free themselves from the tangle of threads.
It almost seems that Bonaventura’s works release an opposing tension that on one hand clutches and enfolds his figures in the multicoloured skeins that imprison them and from above opens the door for them to another world of a distant freedom, perhaps the most important, that of the spirit and of ideas.