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Joan Crous

Joan Crous

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Joan Crous is Spanish but has lived and worked in Italy for 25 years, in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.
He had a multi-discipline education: while studying for her degree in history he also attended the Massana art academy in Barcelona. He specialises in glass visiting international centres (Strasburg, Prague, Montreal and in the US) and studying various techniques. The fundamental moment in his artistic trajectory, begun in 1986, was in 1994 when he perfected an entirely personal way of working glass. The technical innovation merged perfectly with a concept of the fragility of human work and the fleetingness of time. He then completed various other projects, exhibited in various parts of the world. The Progetto Cenae, begun in 1997, is poetic testimony of the convivial moment of the meal. He makes use of a constant dialogue with various cultural institutions (universities in particular) and star cooks (Roca in particular).He exhibited Cenae in several places between 1997 and 2011: Aperto Vetro in Venice for the International Glass Biennale, in Montreal at the Glass University, at Corning Glass in the US, at Bologna University and at the Venice Biennale in 2011 with the exhibition that marked the end of Cenae.
He subsequently developed the artistic project Relicta, which is placed as a mirror of contemporary society through testimony of the remains left to posterity.
He has since exhibited at the Wurth Foundation in Germany and at the Vila Casas Foundation in Barcelona, and in 2013 took part with his works in the artistic film ‘El somnni’ by F. Aleu.