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Davide Fuin

Davide Fuin

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Davide Fuin grew up around glass on Murano, often accompanying his father to his job at Barovier & Toso. Although he was too young to actually work, he was fascinated by the activity and the interactions between the glassblowers. When he was fifteen, he left high school and, as was required at that time, he went to work at a glass factory. What was generally considered a punishment, was for him a revelation. He found his calling. In 1968, he began working at Venini, and in 1980, a number of masters, including his father, left Barovier & Toso to open their own factory,Toso vetri d'arte. He joined his father and began working with the master Carlo Tosi Caramea. By the late 1980s, Fuin was considered a young maestro and a new factory, Elite Murano, offered him the position of first master, with his father as the principle assistant and support. In the late 1990s, Fuin founded D.F. Glassworks with two assistants. They primarily produce glasses and stemware, together with museum reproductions in Venetian style. Although he doesn't consider himself an artist, he takes great pride in his abilities to carry on the specific craft and language of forms developed in the furnaces of Murano over the last thousand years.