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Massimo Nordio

Massimo Nordio

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Massimo Nordio was born in 1947 in Venice, the city where he lives and works. Trained as a cinematographer and photographer, he is a longtime collector of 20th century Venetian Glass and was hired in 1980 to produce a series of definitive monographs on important modern glass artist from Murano, such as Carlo Scarpa, Napoleone Martinuzzi, Ercole Barovier, Fulvio Bianconi.
At the same time he began designing his own pieces, and in the early nineties he devotes himself utterly to research and free-lance glass designing.
In recent years Mr. Nordio has collaborated in workshops at Pilchuck, Niijima, and Murano Centro Studio Vetro. In 1996 he assisted Roger Selden in the creation of the celebrated glass panels at the synagogue in Milan, and his works have been included in the annual selection of the Corning Museum of Glass in 1998, 2000, 2006, 2010.
Among many personal and group shows in important international galleries, he has had individual exhibitions such as "Avventurine" at the Correr Museum Venice, Italy, and "Zodiac" at Furukawa Art Museum Nagoya, Japan. His work was the subject of a book by Attilia Dorigato, published by Arsenale Editrice.

Mr. Nordio's pieces are on permanent display at
Museo Vetrario Murano
Glass Kunst Museum Dusseldorf
Musèe des Arts Décoratives Paris
Corning  Museum of Glass Corning
Chrysler Museum of Art New York
Daiichi Museum of Art Nagoya
Furukawa Art Museum Nagoya

Photo by Gino Begotti
Artist's personal website: www.massimonordio.com