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Antoine Pierini

Antoine Pierini

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Imagine Antoine Pierini as a kid, immersed in the hell's heat of the workshop where took place all the metamorphoses of sand and fire into glass. Could he be not tempted? It was difficult for him to resist to his destiny as he was born in a family which counts several internationnaly known glass masters and in a village, Biot, a long lasting blowing glass tradition place.
Few years later, he would be impressed by American artists like Dale Chihuly and William Morris whom he met while touring in the States. These encounters opened up new horizons for him and then he became eager to learn how to master the glass techniques. What a challenge for a teenager to fight with this 1000 °C versatile and rebellious melting material!
Antoine began assisting his father to make artistic pieces. As soon as he could, he would make his first experiments, showing from the start, a strong personality. At twenty, he decided to devote himself completely to glass and he progressed and got his own style, sober and elegant, directly inspired from the observance of nature and its changing landscapes.
During the following years, Antoine worked hard to master most of the technical aspects of the glass work and he enriched his knowledge further more when he met famous glass artists. In 2003, he had participated to a training course, in a glass studio in Sars Poteries, with David Reekie who was famous for handling casting and Udo Zembock, a fusing specialist. These different techniques opened up new ways of experimentation for him. His technical level could then allow him to improvise and that is possible only whith the blowing glass technique. His style went purer, the forms and colors soberer.
Recently, Antoine sought to drift away from the utilitary to make abstract forms, sculptures that he would modify by cutting them with diamond disks. From this new trend, a series of different three-parts pieces and groups of three to five independent objects came to life. The artist interested himself in relating masses, lines, colours, their interconnected combinations, some obvious, some suggested. He made groups of vertical blocks which suggest cities with their skyscrapers cutting the horizon's line and seeming to communicate with the clouds. Other combinations of rounder forms make think to shingles polished by the rolling waves.
Antoine's work opens up on a symbolic world full of interconnecting links. His pieces seem to communicate with the surrounding environment. This is nowadays a very important concept in the contemporary artistic creation. At only 30 years, the young artist has a long way to go, paved of surprises for his public and he will doubtelessly go on make his art communicate with nature.


Artist's personal website: www.antoinepierini.com