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Marina and Susanna Sent

Marina and Susanna Sent

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Marina and Susanna Sent are sisters with close ties to the Murano glassworks (both grandfathers worked in the sector) who chose to break away from the family’s traditional products to focus on glass jewellery.

Susanna was born in Murano in 1955; after graduating in architecture at the Università Iuav di Venezia in 1980, she began working for her father’s business where she dedicated herself to the rejuvenation of the company’s product line. For ten years Susanna broadened her experience by introducing innovative ideas to the second phase of glass processing: decoration, glass fusing, grinding and sanding. Marina, born in Venice in 1963, studied technology and immediately showed a propensity for solving practical problems. In the mid-1980s she joined her sister at their father’s glassworks.

In 1990, the sisters founded the design studio Marina e Susanna Sent. In 1993, it was transformed into a workshop to produce original glass jewellery – the result of the stylistic and technical innovations they applied to traditional methods of working with glass.

Based in Murano on the Fondamenta Serenella, the company also produces objets d’art: sculptures made with artisan techniques (for example, incorporating murrine and filigree glass), plates in glass fusion, and lamps made from interlinked pieces of glass.

Marina and Susanna Sent have participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, including:

1982. Mille anni di arte del vetro a Venezia, curated by Rosa Barovier Mentasti et. al., Palazzo Ducale, Museo Correr, Venice (24July-24 October)

1983. Murano-Il vetro a tavola ieri e oggi, curated by Attilia Dorigato, Museo del Vetro, Murano (July 1983)

1998. Venezia Aperto vetro: International New Glass 1998, curated by Rosa Barovier Mentasti, Dan Klein, Attilia Dorigato, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice (July 1983)

2002. Glassway, Museo Archeologico regionale, Aosta (15 June – 27 October) 

2002. Contemporary dec.Arts, London
2004. Vetri nel mondo oggi, curated byRosa Barovier Mentasti et. al., Palazzo Franchetti, Venice (13 November 2004-31 April 2005)

2006. Glassdressing, Ca’ Rezzonico, Venice (9 September – 9 October)

2011. Contemporary Venetian Art Glass, Hallwylska Museet, Stockholm (27 May-28 August)

2010-11. L’avventura del vetro, curated by Aldo Bova and Chiara Squarcina,  Museo Correr, Venice (11 December – 26 April 2011)

2012. Vetro murrino da Altino a Murano, curated by Rosa Barovier Mentasti, Chiara Squarcina, Margherita Tirelli, with Rosa Chiesa, Murano, Museo del Vetro, Murano (June 2012 – January 2013).


Artists' personal website: www.marinaesusannasent.com