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Shay Salehi

Shay Salehi

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Shay Salehi is a Canadian based artist working with glass. She attended Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, to explore her desire to face new challenges by choosing to work with a medium she had no experience with, glass. After a couple years of exploring the different qualities and processes of the material, she began to find comfort in particular methods, such as kiln casting and the  pâte de verre technique. Shay has been interested in the fragility of glass and its ability to mimic other materials. Her current body of work studies these qualities using line, shape, colour and texture formed by the pâte de verre technique. She fuses glass beads into pure and simple forms, which play with negative space and texture. The lips on the pieces are rough, uncontrolled and extremely fragile. These bowls do not display the well known properties of glass such as its transparency or optics; therefore at first glance one might not even consider her work to be made from glass.

2014 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Marie Collins Memorial Award, Best of Exhibition, Student
2014 GAAC Project Grant
2014 Continued Exploration Award2014 Megan Kinney Award
2014 International Student Exhibition at GAS Conference, Honorable Mention
2014 People’s Choice Award at the Artist Project Untapped section
2014 Fusion Magazine Feature Student Artist Column
2013 Continued Exploration Award
2012 Bonnie Block Memorial Award

Selected Exhibitions
2015 Carnegie CRAFT Show, Dundas, Ontario
2015 Talente, Munich, Germany
2015 The Artist Project, Toronto, Ontario
2015 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Best of Show, Toronto, Ontario
2014 Craft Show, Toronto, Ontario
2014 Stanislav Libensky Award Show, Prague, Czech Republic
2014 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario
2014 Materialize at Craft Ontario, Toronto, Ontario
2014 CREO: Sheridan College Graduate Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario
2014 International Student Exhibition, GAS Conference, Chicago, Illinois
2014 Untapped: Artist Project, Toronto, Ontario
2014 Black and White III at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto, Ontario
2013 Reopening Show at Edy Roy Gallery, Burlington, Ontario
2013 SHED Lighting project at Design Republic, Toronto, Ontario
2013 SHED Lighting project at Sheridan College Gallery, Oakville, Ontario
2013 Student Exhibition: Glass Inside Out at Sheridan College Gallery, Oakville, Ontario