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Ella Varvio

Ella Varvio

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I have gained my enthusiasm in glass during my studies of Ceramic and Glass Design in Aalto University and by visiting traditional glass making sites in Finland. As a designer I aim to make objects that can hold value. I emphasize the methods and materials used in production and I am enchanted by craft traditions. Even in the time of mass consumption an item can have a story to tell. Therefore I’m inspired by graal technique capability to trap images in glass. I’ve explored different variations of the technique by using several colour layers, carvings, trapped air bubbles and decals. Lately I’ve mixed more and more comic art influences in my works. I look at the world with curious eyes. I guess that’s why I haven’t ever stopped from drawing. Sketching is my tool to develop ideas and communicate about them. Alongside with other projects I keep on drawing comics and sketches of my surroundings. 

Ella Varvio, born in Tampere, Finland in 1987

2015. Master of Arts. Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, Applied Art and Design
2012. Bachelor of Arts, Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, Ceramic and Glass Design
2008. Tyrvää School of Arts and Crafts, studies of goldsmith’s profession

Selected exhibitions
2015. Lasinen Sarjakuva. Sini Majuri & Ella Varvio. The Finnish Glass Museum. Riihimäki 2015. Young. Glas Galerie Leerdam. Leerdam
2015. Comic art in glass. Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Toronto 2015. European Glass Experience, group exhibition. Museo del Vetro. Venice
2015. Finnish Glass Lives 7, group exhibition. The Finnish Glass Museum.  Riihimäki
2014. Ella Varvio & Sini Majuri. Galleria 4-Kuus. Helsinki
2014. European Glass Experience, group exhibition. The Finnish Glass Museum. Riihimäki
2014. Puritan Beauty, group exhibition. Design Forum Finland Showroom. Helsinki
2012. Ceramic transfer, group exhibition. Aalto University. Helsinki 2012. Vesikasveihin kietoutuneet. Galleria Airi. Helsinki
2012. Arts Exposed! The Pavilion. Helsinki

2015. Un goto per Venezia, finalist
2014. European Glass Experience
2011. Marimekko International Design Competition, finalist  

Artist’s personal website: www.ellavarvio.com