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Andrea Zilio

Andrea Zilio

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Andrea Zilio born in Venice June 27, 1966 and currently resides in Murano.
His greatpassion for the subject-glass led him, in a short time, to obtain the status of "First Teacher" in Glass Amphora. Passionate performer of the antique models with an extraordinary fineness of hand, began soon the realization of works designed by him, in which enhances the traditional techniques in a modern complex, qualireticello, incalmo, zanfirico, etc. submerged.
Great artists and contemporary designers entrust to him the realization of its prestigious works in glass. Stand out as his collaborations with Yoichi Ohira, Ritsue Mishima, Cristiano Bianchin, Michele Burato (which for his work usingglass Bull-sey), Massimo Micheluzzi, Maria Grazia Rosin, Silvano Rubino, Emanuel Babied, Melvin Anderson, Peter Pelzel and others.
Andrea Zilio taught in the important Pilchuck Glass School of Seattle and has worked closely with the Glass School Abate Zanetti of Murano. The first exhibition of his works was to "Aperto Vetro" in 1996 at the Glass Museum of Murano, where in the "Contemporary Glass" is permanently exhibited his work.
Main Solo
2002. San Marco Gallery, Tokyo,  Japan
2002. Gallery Temple Kamakura, Japan
2009. Antiquities Yesterday, Turin, Italy

Major Group Exhibitions
1998. "Aperto Vetro" Palazzo Ducale in Venice
1999. Fusion Show in Milan for young designers
1999. Group exhibition at Galleria Rossella JUNK
1999. Group exhibition Vitraria Pordenone, Italy
1999. Group exhibition "Artist in Murano" at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco, USA
2000. Selected by the Corning Museum of Glass with the work "Caragoi"
2001. Publication on the cover of the opera "Caragoi" magazine "New Glass"
2002. He teaches at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA
2002. Stageas a teacher at Pilchuck Glass School
2002. Execution of all works of the Competition "Fragile" by Trieste Contemporanea with the exhibitions at the School Abate Zanetti of Murano, to the Civic Museum handgun Trieste, and in 2003 to Kozep - Eur6pai Kulturalis lntezet (Central European Cultural Institute) in Budapest
2002. Groupexhibition "Glassway -rooms of Glass" Aosta, Italy
2003. Groupexhibition "Fragile" San Samuele's Church, Venice
2004. Conference "Glass. In the world. Today" lstituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Palazzo Franchetti, Venice
2005. Lecturer at the School Abate Zanetti of Murano
2005. "Tandem" exhibition together with Peter Pelzel, Glass & Art Gallery, Venice
2007. "Ways in contemporary Italian Craft" in Korea